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His vision was generally well received in America, but fundraising efforts did not match the enthusiasm.Back in France, the monetary support slowly trickled in once the political situation settled down in 1875.Bartholdi (pictured at left in 1985m 22c commemorating his work) continued to work on other projects.It wasn’t until 1871 when things got serious regarding the creation of a French statue to be given to the United States.

A new French minister, Charles Edward Genet, was known to be en route to the United States.In April 1793, the United States was confronted with its most serious foreign policy crisis since the end of the American Revolution, when the Washington administration learned that the recently-constituted French Republic had declared war on England and the Dutch Republic.France, with which the United States had a political-military alliance dating from the Revolution, was locked in an apparent death struggle with a broad coalition, which included those two states along with Austria, Prussia, Spain, Portugal, and a number of Italian and German principalities.Popular support for revolutionary France surged in America. What had previously been a continental war had now become a worldwide maritime conflict.The United States, with its extensive commerce across the Atlantic and in the Caribbean, could no longer remain purely a spectator, trading unencumbered with all parties.

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