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It is famous for its 166 lively pen illustrations, with one accompanying each psalm and the other texts in the manuscript (Chazelle, 1055).

The precise purpose of these illustrations, and the extent of their dependence on earlier models, have been matters of art historical controversy.

Typical projects of the lab include the integration of genome conformation measurements (4C and Hi-C) with genome-wide screening data, annotation and prioritization of non-coding variations (SVs and SNVs) and interpretable classification models for patient cohort data.

We also heavily rely on high-performance computing and statistics.We had a whirlwind relationship: met briefly in early September 2007 (by briefly, I mean 10 seconds max!), started emailing the middle of that same month, changed to Skype at the end of October, I made my first visit to the Netherlands to spend a weekend with him the end of November, we got engaged March 2008 and married the following November! Most of my husband's friends have registered partners, but only one other Dutch couple in his circle of friends is married. de Ridder is Principle Investigator / Associate Professor in the Center for Molecular Medicine of the UMC Utrecht.He obtained his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Delft University of Technology (TUD) in 2005 (cum laude).

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