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But if she is travelling here, don't send money for her ticket. You can instead buy your Russian woman the ticket to travel. That's the whole reason you're looking for dating girls.

But we've learned Shaq has put his big foot down, saying there's no way he'll allow their 4 kids to appear.

Shaunie has tried convincing Shaq that her show is just like "The Cosby Show" -- good, wholesome, family fun.

He's convinced the show will end up showcasing a dysfunctional family that will hurt his kids, some of whom are already struggling in school.

Shaq believes no good can come from cameras in the ex-hubby, Shaquille O'Neal, is saying, "Over my dead body."Shaunie has a deal for a new reality show for VH1 -- "The Shaunie Project." It's about life with her and her kids.

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In ogni momento, ad ogni Vostro spostamento, il nome della Vostra azienda sarà sempre ben visibile.

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