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For these older devices, we have temporarily pulled back the update and will release an updated version of i OS 9.3 in the next few days that does not require this step."In essence, as users of older devices tried to update to Apple's latest software, they were asked to input their passwords.

If they couldn't do so, the update provided no recourse for resetting or recalling the password, and effectively left the i Pad or i Phone useless.

I was doing an update to my i Phone 4 but now its on recovery mode and it doesn’t work, it say to restore phone for it to work but says that I will lose all my data! You’ll see a graphic on the screen that is the USB connector icon and the i Tunes icon.

After i Phone has shut down, start it by pressing the Sleep button.Update: Some people are experiencing a problem with i OS 9.3 that freezes their device if they click on links to websites in their emails. Apple has now launched i OS 9.3, its latest update to the i OS 9 software that runs on most of the world's i Phones and i Pads.While the free update should go smoothly, you may find you're encountering some problems with i OS 9.3 after (or even during) the update.If you have an older i OS-based device that was bricked by the i OS 9.3 update, there's still some hope.Earlier this week, owners of older-model i Phones and i Pads were complaining that when trying to update to i OS 9.3, the operating system version Apple (aapl) announced at its "Let us loop you in" event on Monday, their devices were rendered useless.

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My i Phone 5S is stuck on the "Connect to i Tunes" screen after trying to install the i OS 8 update. I need the i Phone to communicate with people because I have speech problems.

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