Invalidating a session in

Session IDs are tokens generated by web applications to uniquely identify an application user's session.

Applications will make application decisions and execute business logic based on the session ID.

This can be used to, in essence, ignore a logged in user’s authentication cookie (typically due to some external event such as the user having changed their password since they logged in).

The user will be treated as anonymous, which generally means that they must re-authenticate to continue to use Identity Server.

When authentication succeeds this will trigger the authentication Succeeded event.

Invalidates the session with the authenticator it is currently authenticated with (see authenticate).

i don't know if i should use jsp, javascript or html to do this. Hey, all Java & JSP gurus, i'm developing a website using JSP and MS SQL.

I want ask a question about session.invalidate() Let assume we have where we input user and password.

The session handles the returned promise and when it resolves becomes authenticated, otherwise remains unauthenticated.

This requirement limits the ability of adversaries to capture and to continue to employ previously valid session IDs.

This requirement is applicable to devices that use a web interface for device management.

# On this example we are going to increment a counter on each # page load.

On normal conditions the session wouldn't expire # until the user closed the browser, so the counter will never # get reset to 0, but we are going to (manually) change the # app secret_key in order to invalidate the existing client # sessions, reseting the counters to 1, the initial value # We need the session object to be able to store session variables from flask import Flask, session app = Flask(__name__) # This is the secret key for the app, the key part here.

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