Historical letters dating to 1700

Letterlocking refers to the the timeless technology of folding & securing any object to function as its own enclosure.Letterlocking is part of a 10,000-year information security tradition.No, it’s much more fundamental than that, for it has to do with how early moderns talked about time itself. absolute references to other dates (I knew those Excel spreadsheet tutorials would come in handy), and even whether to commemorate an event’s anniversary on either the date or day of the week it happened on.The measurement of time, like a host of other standards such as distance and weight, is dictated by cultural assumptions that vary over time and space, and those variations tell us things about the cultures in which they were created. But before we even get to years we should start with days, particularly the divide between Old Style and New Style dates. E [And remember there is no year zero, otherwise we couldn’t waste oodles of time arguing over when a millennium/century begins.] By the 16C the older Julian solar calendar was increasingly ‘off’ when trying to align the proper date of Easter with the Church’s lunar calendar (the conflict between the two being where leap days come from, and why Easter falls on thirty different dates).

he Americana collection of Marian Sadtler Carson (1905-2004) spans the years 1656-1995 with the bulk of the material dating from 1700 to 1876.

Assumed model versions of various letterlocked documents from the 15th to the 20th centuries.

The examination of well-preserved original manuscripts helps us to identify and "reverse-engineer" opened historic letters and documents to understand how they once became their own sending devices.

As we walk through the Mikveh Israel sanctuary, we tie the objects and and furnishings there to historical events and places of worship and we summarize the activities of its men and women.

Thus, we gain insight into the development of the Jewish community in Philadelphia and beyond.

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The political/religious underpinnings of such calendar systems, for example, serve as perfect examples of revolutionary movements’ all-encompassing world-views, as does the choice between B. We know how the ‘Christian’ calendar had been increasingly used since about the 6C A. – you gotta love the decision to avoid the whole hairy question of how old the Earth/Creation was by just counting up once you get to 1 B. So Pope Gregory XIII had his Vatican nerds tweak the Julian calendar in order to correct the divergence of Easter from the astronomical calendar – they decided to tweak the leap years and jump the calendar date ahead 10 days to catch up. Thus in contemporary correspondence you will sometimes see dates written as March 4/15 – i.e. They might even be kind enough to note when an Englishman, say the Duke of Marlborough, stopped using the Old Style (i.e. Unfortunately, however, modern historians of early modern England often continue to use OS in their works.

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