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That's why you'll find the SVT-810E on stage with such artists as Chris Squire (Yes), Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), John Mc Vie (Fleetwood Mac), and far too many others to list here.

In the world of high performance bass cabs, the Ampeg SVT-810E stands tall and proud.

It's portable and small but can power everything from a small single PN-115HLF up to a monster Heritage SVT-810E.

Ampeg SVT-410HLF Classic Bass Cabinet The Ampeg SVT-410HLF speaker enclosure give you plenty of volume and clean low end.

This 4x10" speaker cabinet has the same speakers and 1" horn as the SVT-410HE with 2" coils and 30 oz.

Later 1970s models have the same features as the "black line" SVTs except the lines around the tone controls have rounded corners and curve into the tone controls.And they simply wouldn't be able to respond to transient peaks as quickly as Ampeg's 10" speakers.The SVT-810E is still manufactured using the same design dating all the way back to 1969.This is the speaker enclosure people mean when they refer to a SVT speaker cabinet. Other than the color scheme, it is identical to the original SVT-810. Ampeg learned early on that 10" speakers work much more efficiently than fifteens or eighteens, and if you put eight 10" speakers together, you can move a huge column of air.You'd need five 18" or six 15" speakers to move as much air as the SVT-810E!

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