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1892), who was the most famous of the Native officers in that regiment. The Sikh officer at the far left (with the long beard) has been identified as Man Singh (d.

“Rawness improbably balanced by a mixture of danger and delicacy,” says one Rolling Stone writer, “is what gives Citizen Cope his edge.

His sounds are southern rural, big sky lonely, concrete urban, and painfully romantic.

In the past nine years, he has produced four albums of depth and distinction, each a critical chapter in his search for a sound that paints an auditory American landscape in which despair wars with hope and hope, tied to love, is elusive. Folk tales—whether through William Faulkner or Big Bill Broonzy—shaped his sensitivity.

“Let the Drummer Kick” from his 2002 album Citizen Cope went R. He performed "Sideways" in concert with Santana on Santana's 2003 European tour. Sheryl Crow asked to record the song with Citizen Cope in 2010 for her 100 Miles from Memphis album, and invited him to join her in concert on several occasions to perform it, including at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago on June 26, 2010.

The Indian Mutiny or Sepoy Rebellion was the strongest challenge to any European power in the nineteenth century. According to Stephen Luscombe, there is a third Sikh officer behind the seated British officer (whom Luscombe identifies as Major Daly).

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