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And Bret Michaels is one lucky dude to be injury-free after being in a tour bus accident while traveling between Abilene, Texas and Biloxi, Mississippi. His bus reportedly hit several deer who, unfortunately, were not so lucky. Let's take a nice little trip down the Miley memory lane where we'll find so many musical goodies from her past…. Bret Michaels WILL NOT be shaking his ASSets for the illustrious Chippendales.

During season 13 of the hit reality show, you may have seen Trump's terrible blowjob joke about Roderick; when fellow contestant Bret Michaels described how the model had gotten on her knees and begged to not be fired, the always classless businessman replied: Oh no, we hope Bret Michaels feels better soon!

The Poison frontman gave his fans an insight into his softer side on Life As I Know It.

The 47-year-old Poison frontman appears to have given up his once wild lifestyle to settle down with his family on the new show.

I'm not trying to play this holier-than-thou rock star.

I'm just trying to play and (am) having a good time dating.

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