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The atmosphere is dense and rich, the references almost overwhelmingly cosmopolitan.

That bisexual Tiresias, for instance, is far from being the only sexual oddity in Eliot’s The Waste Land. Eugenides, the Smyrna merchant, who, as Robb points out, helps to keep both international trade going and a richly epicene literature alive.

No matter what kind of school they attend, teenagers live in a world resembling that of ancient Greek mythology: Uncaring and capricious adults, like the Olympian gods, hold arbitrary power over their lives, ritual mistakes may bring irrevocable ruin, and each day offers a chance to answer the riddle of the Sphinx and learn, for good or ill, who they really are.

At first glance, Buffy the Vampire Slayer seems indistinguishable from the WB's rancid Dawson's Creek or the American Pie movies: An all-white cast of impossibly nubile women and muscular men (they call themselves "the Scooby gang") pretend to be teenagers while modeling the latest in Southern California teen slang and sportswear.Sucre is considered to be one of the most politically stable cities in South America, and it is popular with expatriate volunteers and tourists making their way through the continent.Sucre stands at an altitude of 9,528 feet so visitors to the city may experience some altitude sickness if they ascend too quickly.But there's a difference: The other shows paste a veneer of realism over a fantasy of adolescence; Buffy adopts a facade of fantasy to cover a portrayal of the teen years as they really are.The show is a worthy successor to school stories like Nicholas Nickleby, Stalky & Co., and The Catcher in the Rye.

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Strangers—the word was once homosexual slang—is a glorious book packed with information and historical comedy, while the writing has a kind of sly and serious charm about it.

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