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What a shame considering she and Louie appeared to be hitting it off.

It gets juicier when Louie follows the punk home so he can have a chat with the little monster's parents.

And a quick look at the episode list of Season 4 indicates there are a few stand-alone episodes to kick off the season, followed by two-, three-, and six-episode arcs to close out the season.

had figured out a way to balance humour, plot, and whatever narrative experimentation he feels like employing in any given episode.

Just why he turns down her down when she asks him out isn't explicitly stated, but given the episode title -- as well as Louie's preferring to chat up a thinner but surlier waitress -- it doesn't take a genius.

So Louie's guilt finally gets the better of him -- thanks in part to her gift of expensive hockey tickets.

I love imagining him wandering around New York, trying to get shit done but constantly bumping into pedestrians, hopping on the G instead of the F, accidentally ordering off of the “healthy choice” section of diner menus, and grabbing someone else’s kid at school pickup, all because . himself was apparently an impulse buyer as a young man.

Let me laugh at the totally accurate portrayal of New York’s incomprehensible parking signs and I’ll give you your totally illogical black wife.I love that scene not just for the way it “resolves”—with Louie’s badass biker helmet giving way to a hospital head brace—but for its logistical challenges and artistic aspirations. K.’s earlier sitcom, just keeps getting more technically ambitious. OK, fine: What I actually thought was apparently exactly what C. wanted me to think: “When people probably first see her, their brains do a little bit of DNA map and go ‘I'm not sure I get how that would happen,’ he told Indiewire earlier this week.“And then I think with my show most people, they go ‘Oh, all right, just go ahead.’ And then they watch the scene.” That’s what I did. The sensation of having my expectations upended, though, felt briefly similar to how jarring it used to be when sitcoms would hire a new actor for an already established role (the two Beckys of Roseanne, e.g.).But then the dad steps outside to have a talk with Louie.Surprisingly, instead of an expected angry confrontation, the dad has a down to earth conversation with Louie confessing how the violence started with his father and so on. About that part at the beginning with Louie recounting the first talk about sex with his father -- hysterical!

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