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She and her daughter Danielle settle down and work the family farm. Antonia is a thirty-ish woman who was living abroad, but comes back to her old hometown in The Netherlands in the immediate aftermath of World War II.

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Danielle, who is a lesbian, sets out to have a child without getting married.

Decades pass, with Antonia becoming a benevolent leader of her harmonious little village.

) In fact, one careful reference to the 'allegedly passionate playwright' made me laugh. Then he took my hand and led me into the drawing room. A vast arrangement of flowers including foxy lilies and other glories in the window, and another on the mantelpiece, and in the back room, all luxuriant, then on up the stairs. Me: 'I don't ask you to approve, but to try to understand.' But it's no good and I see that Dada basically feels crossed at not having his own way. AUGUST 20 Harold read me his revue sketches and I fell asleep!! Hugh and I talked about money - frankly, we're both broke. She saw the bomber place the bomb under the car.' Harold rings Campden Hill Square on his line.

A huge arrangement, this time of yellow flowers in the pink boudoir, more - pink - on my dressing-table, and pink also in the bathroom. Harold gave me a wonderful necklace of coloured stones. Jean, our au pair, who had dropped my youngest son Orlando at school, was crying: 'There's been a bomb at Campden Hill Square.' Celia Goodhart, our neighbour there, took over the telephone. He gets Caroline Kennedy (her mother Jackie being an old friend of Hugh's, she was staying in the house for a course at Sotheby's).

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